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One of the South West’s Premier Cleaning Service Providers

cleaning office and hallway

One of the South West’s Premier Cleaning Service Providers

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Now more than ever, a clean working environment is important for the health and safety of your customers and staff. Capitol Cleaning can help stop the spread of viruses and maintain a clean safe working space.

Covid-19? Make Sure You Have A Plan!

To help you destroy disease-causing pathogens and keep the cleanliness of your office space up to scratch, our disinfecting services will help eliminate any potential threats that lay in wait on your office surfaces.

How Disinfectants Work

Disinfectants are chemical compounds applied to the surfaces of non-living materials found in our environment so as to destroy the disease-causing pathogens that might be living on them. 

  The active agents found in these disinfectants are the main factor that helps destroy the pathogens by disrupting their normal life cycle and thereby killing them.

Touch Point Sanitisation

We will thoroughly sanitise and disinfect your high traffic areas and communal touch points:
Wiping of all touch points and surfaces, including switches, door handles, telephone handsets, keyboards, keypads, handrails, desks, kitchen surfaces and washroom areas using our Biohygiene EN14476 certified sanitiser.
Spraying of hard floors and carpeted areas with Biohygiene EN14476 certified sanitiser.

ULF Fogging

If Coronavirus has entered your workplace or premises, we offer an electric fogging service to fully decontaminate the area.
Touchless delivery of electrically charged atomised disinfectant for 360-degree coverage and decontamination.
Ensures all contagions are removed from the air
Treats hard to reach surfaces and spaces
Requires only a 45-minute closure time
Suitable for all business premises and vehicles
The fogging process is non-corrosive and leaves no residue. It is also fast and unobtrusive, ensuring minimal disruption.


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Hi There, Have a question? Text us here!